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Our mutual journey started on the 6th of May 2004 below the waters of the Red Sea in Egypt. But until today it isn’t clear who hauled off whom ;o).

Thereafter we spent our first two years about 666km separated from each other, Markus in the beautiful City of Zurich, Switzerland while Sonja lived in the pulsating “Ruhrgebiet” in Germany. Thanks to the no-frills airlines we could manage this distance within an hour and without going completely bankrupt. That is how we specialised in collecting miles and quite soon got to the gold status of Air Berlin, but in the mean time we belong to the infantry of flight passengers again. Because in May 2006 Sonja turned her back on her beloved home and got imported to Switzerland, duty free of course.

As the idea to go on this journey took on its current form, we started the search for our third partner. Thanks to Sonja’s persistency and a bit of luck we stood on September 23rd 2007 for the first time front of him; “Snoopy” as the previous owners Anja and Peter lovingly named him. It turned out that he has been a real globe trotter: The first few years he spent in South America and later he spent a whole year in Australia. Now, where those found each other that sought for, the journey goes once around the complete globe.


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