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Characteristics of Nisto
Name: Nisto
e-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Birthday: 1st October 2001
Born in: Nagoja, Japan
Work: Off-Road-Vehicle, Mobilehome
Diving since: 2002, AWD-Snorkler

Catch flys, Enjoying the view from the beach, grab the horizon, playing in the dirt

My Duties:

Master all kinds of terrain, Sleeping room for the two-legged, Fresh water production, Loadcarrier


My expectation of this journey:
Finally it goes around the whole globe, the temptation was there twice. That is why I look forward to see some well known as well as many new wonderful places and those great once in a lifetime moments that we will experience together.

I'm also curious which way home that we will take.


What Sonja and Markus say about me:

After we looked at two HZJ75, the previous model of the vehicle we wanted (that is a bit wider spread in Switzerland), we found our dream car. At the 23rd September 2007 at noon we saw him the first time: 'Snoopy' as the previous owners Anja and Peter called him, with 84'000km and ready to travel. Later we figured that he is a real Globe-Trotter; his first years he spent in South America and later he spent a year in Australia. Now it goes around the world with us.

Snoopy becomes Nisto:
The congition came soon, the number 3 had to be our lucky number:
- Three LandCruiser we have looked at.
- Three times we visited Jona before we bought.
- It will be the third big journey of our LandCruiser.
- He joind our team as third.
the listing could continue like this for a while...

It was clear for us the third partner of our expedition needs full recognition, therefore a he should carry a proud name. After a bit back and forth we decided; "Number Three" (is alive) should be his name. Since just a number does not really contain the pride our comagnion deserves, we have been looking for a language that suites. It took a bit of research but we found it on our planed route. The proud language of the Creè Indians in the wide north american plains of todays Canada and USA, between the Rocky Mountains and the Atlantic promises what we want to stand for:

Connection and respect for nature, pride and continuing personal development. (three again)


A short Reflection of the Cree Culture

The history of the Crees is intimately tied to the land. This is reflected in the ongoing relationship between Crees and the natural world: the trees, the water, and the animals. This relationship is the basis of the sacred stories, histories, and teachings passed on by generations of elders.

Quelle: Cree Culture

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