After the first and also the most difficult decision, to fulfill us our biggest dream, was made, the preparations to our journey has started. We saw quite soon that just closing the doors and leave does not get us very far and also that the travel agency next doors would not be too much of a help. So we had to take it up in our own hands, and figured that it just fueled our anticipation big times.
The first the question was: Where do we actually want to go? Armed with colorful pin needles we were targeting a world map and let our wishes loose. Not all too difficult to start with, but it inevitably triggered the next questions how to combine these pins, and where to start? Decisive for us was the weather in the destinations we both really want to visit and how to combine the best conditions. Further on we had to confirm the possibility to ship number three of our bundle, Nisto into those countries. That is how we decided to start our journey in Baltimore the east of the USA. How we intend to continue you can see in the plan.

We thought that our collection of information might be of use for some other globetrotters, so for a few points we put some more detailed information together.

If you have any further questions feel free to ask us anytime.

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